Compassion Globally is working peacefully and collectively to substantially reduce nationwide abuse and sexual violence inflicted upon women and girls.

The Issue

This is not another women’s issue. It is in fact a men’s issue that too often impinges upon the security of women and girls. We hasten to say that the majority of Canadian men are gentle and respectful. Sadly, the minority is too large and is desperately damaging.

The YWCA head office in Toronto recently advised us that in the year 2015, 460,000 Canadian women or girls were sexually violated.

Our question is: where is the breaking point where we can actually get the attention of all the leaders in Canada so that they will begin to address this continuing and brutal crisis that is ruining the lives of so many women and girls?

Only with men and women united together can we begin to substantially reduce this violence and abuse.

Our Objectives

Compassion Globally is a Canadian registered charitable society that is working to reduce abuse and sexual violence inflicted upon women and girls. We are addressing the issue through awareness and prevention campaigns.

The four words that are important to Compassion Globally are:
Peacefully • Respect
Gentleness • Consensual

We ask that people use the collective strength of groups that they are members of to challenge business leaders, politicians, religious leaders, and the miltary and police, to take a stand and commit to making positive changes for women and for girls. Men can play an enormous role by setting an example and by teaching their children and their communities the joys and advantages of being gentle and respectful towards all women and all girls.

How to Help:
Four ways to start making the change

1. Start early. From the time your wonderful infant draws her or his first breath, lovingly teach them to be gentle and respectful towards all others. One small step for male infants is to teach them, again lovingly, to be gentle and respectful towards all girls and all women. We made a gentle lullaby you can sing to your little one.

2. Group strength. Any group you already belong to — bridge, bowling, running, singing, anything — can use their "group energy" toward this vitally important issue. Together, they can speak to all the leaders in your community, be they business, political, religious, military or police. Insist they start NOW to work peacefully to substantially reduce this nationwide abuse and sexual violence. And if you're not part of a group, start one! Click here for tips on individual or group action.

3. Hold politicians accountable. In order to win your vote, insist that every politician - local, provincial and national - include in their platform a ‘plank’ that deals with this enormous abuse and sexual violence.

4. Fix the system. Ask that all lawyers in our nation work, in unison, to reduce the adversarial aspects of the courts when dealing with rape cases. Experts can make these cases more manageable for those women and men who are attempting to receive a just response.

There is endless joy in helping

Although this is a serious issue, our message is resoundingly positive. Our events such as the Art Auction (pictured above, with a portion of the wonderful Carnival Band) or our cross-country flash-mob choral concerts, are fun and joyous. Won’t you join us? Guides and materials needed for groups and individuals are available upon request. Email us at

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