Compassion in a Kiss

Here’s our music video for ‘Compassion in a Kiss’, written and performed by Claire Mortifee and Young Nige. Produced and recorded by K-Rec. Video by Jem Garrard at Artaban Productions. Effects by Tamsin Baker.

“Little Sapling” – a lullaby

This gentle lullaby is intended to help communicate, from the earliest age, the importance of being gentle and respectful to others. Here are the lyrics: Sweet babe, softly sleep, Take my love, it’s yours to keep As you grow let gentle thoughts Guide your way.. Little sapling, as you grow, Show respect for all you… Read more »

Compassion Globally – an introduction

Compassion Globally is working peacefully and collectively to substantially reduce nationwide abuse and sexual violence inflicted upon women and girls. Here’s an overview of who we are and what we stand for.