Get Involved

In the end, what will hurt us is not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Volunteer

We are a volunteer-run organization and are looking for groups of united men and women across the country to help reduce sexual abuse. Please email us to get involved!

  • Start a CG Group In Your Area

We encourage you to host awareness events for the general public to start the dialogue about sexual abuse/violence occurring in your community. You can email us for toolkits beneficial for community mobilization. You can also host third party awareness/fundraising events within your existing social groups, and collectively work with CG to help maximize the impact. Please send us the name and location of your group and we will help you to unite with other CG groups across the nation.

  • Encourage Political Initiatives

We encourage you to write to your social, business, religious and political leaders about including a substantial ‘plank’ in their platform related to the safety of women in your part of the country. It is worthwhile to contact leaders ranging from municipal to federal, to dramatically increase the chances of impact. Why not have all four Federal political political parties agree together to establish such a notion with all parties in agreement on that important point. That sort of agreement will bring a higher
percentage of voters to the polls.

  • Visit our Change-maker’s Resource Library

Visit this section to learn about how to recognize signs of abuse, raise awareness in children, counter sexism in the workplace.

Visit the library