Our Efforts

Compassion Globally’s initiatives include raising awareness through art and creative expression:

Video: Compassion in a Kiss

Our musically gifted team wrote and performed a music video, ‘Compassion in a Kiss’. Please share this video and its powerful message on Facebook and Twitter (just click the arrow at upper right corner of the video). Written and performed by Claire Mortifee and a fellow CG director, Young Nigel. Produced and recorded by K-Rec. Video by Jem Garrard at Artaban Productions. Effects by Tamsin Baker.

“Hope in Every Handshake”

Ottawa’s Big Soul Project made this amazing video of our song “Hope in Every Handshake”. Enjoy!

Art Auction

Peter Bardon holds up the first item as auctioneer Ted Deeker takes bids.

On March 25th, 2017 Compassion Globally organized a live art auction featuring 48 original Canadian art pieces. These were donated by generous artists across Canada including the world renowned- Robert Bateman. The 71 silent auction items ranged from Koko Monk chocolates, to an antique beetle-back mandolin. The auction grossed over $16,400.

Cross-Canada musical ‘flash mob’

Jenny Morgan and her “pop-up” choir at Capilano Mall. Photo: Tammy Sengotta, North Shore News.

On Saturday, October 24th, 2015, Compassion Globally presented a cross-Canada musical ‘flash mob’ extravaganza, synchronized in 13 cities at the same time. Choirs sang verses based on love and peace in surprise locations from coast to coast. Their powerful voices reverberated through their communities, and spread awareness about violence against women across the country.

Let’s start early: A lullaby

When parents are respectful and kind towards people around them, their children will mirror and internalize similar behaviour. From the time your wonderful infant draws her or his first breath, tenderly teach them to be gentle and respectful towards all others. Jenny Morgan, a very passionate artist and an ally, composed a lullaby for CG called “Little Sapling” that we all can sing to our little ones.