Art Auction for Compassion Globally – submit your art to stop global violence against women



Robert Bateman and others will participate in art auction in the spring of 2017 to stop global violence against women and girls.

On Saturday March 25, 2017, artists from across Canada and Washington State will participate in a unique event: an art auction. All the proceeds from the Auction will help Compassion Globally to move all the way across the Canadian nation.

The event will also incorporate members of the wonderful Allegra Chamber Orchestra.

Participating artists so far include Robert Bateman, Jane Richardson,Tristram Lansdowne, potter Robin Hopper, and Seattle sculptor Tony Angell. To date, they are offering all original work never before made available to the public.

The Art Auction will be held at the Vancouver Academy of Music, a superb location at Kitsilano Point located at 1270 Chestnut Street. The date is Saturday March 25, 2017, from 6 to 9 pm. Parking, both free and affordable, is abundant.

Artwork needed!

While such a highly regarded group of artists is leading the way, others are encouraged to join them. Compassion Globally’s request goes out to artists of every sort: painters, sculptors, potters, carvers, weavers, photographers, and more. Both professional and student artists – anyone who would like to help Compassion Globally substantially reduce nationwide and worldwide abuse and sexual violence inflicted upon women and girls, is encouraged to donate a piece of their artistry.

Also, if you have any fun or entertaining items from your own cellar or attic that you could donate to the silent auction, they will be gratefully accepted!

All proceeds from the event will go to fund the activities of Compassion Globally.

We hope you can attend this event or donate your work, and are encouraged to share the news widely with friends, artists, art lovers, and anyone you know.

Peter Bardon
1 778 867 7064