Get your group or organization on board

Getting your group or organization on board is the best way to maximize your impact. And here’s how to do it:

  1. Arrange for five minutes at your group’s next gathering to make a brief presentation about Compassion Globally.
  2. Give your talk, starting with our goals and why they’re important to you.  Here’s a suggestion of what you could start off with:
    “Compassion Globally is group that is trying to address the issues of worldwide abuse and sexual violence toward women and girls. They do this through awareness and prevention campaigns. They’re asking people the world over to challenge leaders and people in a position of influence, to take a stand against sexual violence and commit to making changes.”
  3. Finally, ask for the group to consider one or more of these actions:
    – Each member can sign our petition.
    – Compose a letter from the group to a business, religious, military or political leader or a person of influence in your community. Ask them to speak out loudly and clearly to find and support innovative ideas and appropriate laws that will help to protect women and girls.
    – Make a public statement on behalf of the group in support of CG’s goals. This could be a statement and link on your group’s website; or a mention of the group and its goals at a public appearance or event.
    – Organize a fundraising event to further the work of Compassion Globally.