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Hello from Peter Bardon. I am sending you this message because we have previously been in contact and I would now like to share with you an exciting new endeavor called Compassion Globally. Compassion Globally is a worldwide organization that is working peacefully to substantially reduce abuse and sexual violence inflicted upon women and girls.

We ask people the world over to challenge business, military, religious, and political leaders to take a stand against sexual violence and commit to making changes.

We will not be asking for your money but we would request that you look at our website to find out more about our goals:

In order to reach all my friends and contacts, I have placed you on the Compassion Globally mailing list. You will not receive a flood of messages or appeals from us – just occasional messages. Should you wish to be removed from the list, click the link at the bottom of this message, or simply reply and let me know. Your name will be removed promptly.

Many thanks and endless love,
Peter Bardon

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