Our Directors

Peter W. Bardon

Peter is presently retired after 42 years in the real estate industry where he served as sales manager for three firms. While managing his daily work he raised funds for numerous charitable societies. Peter was the co-founder of Positively Africa, an organization dedicated to helping HIV-affected individuals in Africa live with hope and dignity.

Sonia Bianchi

Sonia is an experienced project manager with nine years’ experience in the not-for-profit industry. She has worked with numerous organizations dealing with various topics organizing logistics, communications and developing program-implementation strategies.

Jem Garrard

Jem is a director and cinematographer from London, UK, now based in Vancouver, BC. She has experience filming across the globe and is a four-time Leo award-winning film maker.

Adrianna Hepper

Adrianna is an entrepreneur, and the founder and former operator of Knotty Boy Dreadlock Care. She is currently working as a freelance web content strategist, marketing copywriter and e-commerce consultant.

Nigel Mojica

Nigel is a healthcare professional and project manager with ten years’ experience in the Downtown Vancouver East Side. He is also a recording artist, writer and feminist.

Will Shannon

Will is a recording engineer, musician, camera operator and video editor for television and documentaries. He is the owner of Critical Mass Media.

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