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Compassion Globally is committed to peacefully and collectively reducing worldwide abuse, rape and sexual violence inflicted on women and girls. Violence this personal is difficult to absorb and to deal with, but deal with it we must. Collectively reducing this violence is our global responsibility.

This violence is universal and is inflicted upon the most vulnerable in our society. It is an extraordinary and ugly irony that the people who brought us all into this world should be so badly treated. Do not look to developing countries alone. Compassion Globally averaged the numbers of reported rapes in Canada, Britain, Australia, the United States, Germany and Japan. As of January 2014, the average number of rapes amounted to one woman or one girl being raped every 20 seconds. Think, if you will, what is happening in the rest of our world. These atrocious crimes are too often overlooked and underreported.

Using our group strength, we must speak to all the leaders of the world, be they business, military, religious or political, and demand they stand up and pledge that they will do their part to reduce sexual violence in their communities, in their towns and in their countries. We can and we must make our world a more secure place for girls, for women and for men.

We are calling on everyone, males and females alike, to pledge their support for ending these violent crimes. Men can play an enormous role by setting an example and teaching their children and their communities the joys of being gentle and respectful to women and to girls.

Compassion Globally will not be asking each and every person for money. However should you wish to be a generous donor, then please visit our online donation page, or contact us via our contact form or at Charitable receipts are available for all donations.

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