What you can do

Want to make a difference? Take action! Here’s just some of the things you can do now:

Please sign our petition at Change.org!

Please sign our petition at Change.org!

  1. Counsel all boys and all girls from an early age to be gentle and respectful of one another.
  2. Take individual action to support our cause. Here’s how.
  3. Encourage any groups you’re a member of to support this vital cause. Here’s our suggestions of how to do it!
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To succeed, we need men and women united together, the world over, to stand up, speak up and help, in a substantial manner, to reduce this hateful plague.

Group strength can accomplish miracles. We are aware that this undertaking is not a short term task. Please do not be deterred. Please sign onto our mailing list and join us in this enormously important struggle.